Planning Your Fall Portrait Wardrobe

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

I think everyone agrees that one of the best times of year for portraits is Fall! The outdoor scenery is great with colors changing and the cozy outfits are adorable and becoming. It’s just a great time to cuddle up with family to capture some beautiful photos. So maybe you’ve scheduled a photo session or you’re planning to, but now comes the hard part. WHAT DO WE WEAR?! It’s hard enough to choose an outfit for yourself, but to coordinate multiple outfits?? Yikes! Well, never fear. This post is here to help give you some helpful tips, suggestions, and inspiration to make your planning easier!


When thinking about your color scheme you want to consider the backdrop. In Colorado we often have the mountains and sky in the background so there is an abundance of what color? BLUE. Even in the fall there are still a lot of blues and purples in the background. Maybe you’ll remember this concept from art class: The Color Wheel.

So when you’re thinking about the main color of your background (probably a good bit of blue and green) you want to choose colors on the OPPOSITE end of the color wheel because those colors will make you stand out from the background. If you’re dressed in a color scheme on the opposite end of the color wheel from your background it’s going to ensure that YOU are the highlight and focus of the image. So this means that rusty oranges, yellows, and even red shades are going to pop really nicely from a background that has a lot of blue. You also can never go wrong with neutrals. If you feel like everyone is dressed in the same color, put someone in a neutral to break that up. (white, black, grey, beige)

Solids and Patterns

If you’re going to incorporate patterns into your wardrobe, consider choosing one family member or two at the most to wear a pattern and dress everyone else in solids. Patterns tend to confuse the eye and take focus away from the subjects of the image (your lovely family’s faces). Also, if more than one family member is in a pattern, make sure the two patterns are pretty similar. For instance you don’t want mom is a floral dress and dad in a plaid shirt; there’s too much going on there. It will make the image feel cluttered, and distract from the most important thing: YOU. It’s actually really cute when the youngest child is dressed in a print. Since they are typically the smallest person in the photo, it helps them stand out a bit more if they are in a plaid or other print while everyone else is in a cohesive variety of solids. Similarly, if you want the image to draw out one particular person (say it’s a present for mom) have mom dress in a print so she will stand out from the rest.