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Adventures in Photography: Switzerland

No one will ever have the same memories as you. Think about that. There will never be another person with your life. That’s why no matter how many people visit these amazing places in the world, it never loses its luster because NO ONE will ever experience it the way YOU did. That memory...that’s still just YOURS.

That’s what makes photography so special to me. I see an image before I capture it, and no one sees it like me. There are not many things I find more satisfying than creating. How about you? That thing you made, whether it’s a song, or a photo, or a wasn’t there and now it is! It’s a tangible part of you that’s out there in world now. Maybe you would say “Ashley there is not a creative bone in my body!”, but I think to some degree we all kind of experience this. I have to think that God delights in that part of us also; That we enjoy creating just like He does. Of course, we’re just creating with things that He created first, but still, it’s kind of like watching a kid making a mud pie. They’re copying their mom who’s making a real cake, but it’s so darn adorable to watch them mimic her and have so much fun!

I have the same goal every time I take a photo, whether it’s a person or a mountain. I want the Creator to show up in my images. When it’s people, I want to capture the Love between them and within them because God is Love. When it’s a mountain, it speaks of Him on it’s own. That’s a pretty awesome aspect of landscape. You don’t have to draw anything out of it. It’s just always speaking of Him.

So here are some images of the Alps in the Zermatt, Switzerland.      

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